book-vyogaThis yoga book is primarily for women and it explains how many of the attributes that come with age are compatible with yogic practise. It demonstrates how yoga and age are “tailor-made” for each other and how it is possible to develop a relationship with yoga over time.  Jan, the author, gives guidelines for practise and how to plan your own sessions at home.  She covers yoga asanas (postures), relaxation and meditation techniques and explains how the concept of the Chakras can be included in practise.   Also there are guidelines for how yoga can be used to support specific health problems.  There are illustrations and photographs throughout the book.  Also Jan explains how it is possible to match yoga postures with emotional and spiritual needs.


This book is suitable for both beginners and those who wish to develop their existing yoga practise. it explains how yoga and growing older are both elements to be embraced and enjoyed with dignity, positivity and grace.

ISBN 978-0-9935132-0-6

This book is available directly from Jan.