All qualified Precision reflexologists are eligible to attend this two day course which focuses on the Unseen treatment using foot massage and “linking” techniques connected to the Chakra system. Unseen work also involves a variety of modalities that can be used to enhance the actual treatment. One of the aims of the course is to show how naturopathic principles can be applied to support reflexology treatments and to develop totally holistic treatment plans which are appropriate to each client. This course is a masterclass in  advanced precision reflexology taught by Jan Williamson


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The treatment itself involves a unique procedure which Jan has developed over the years; this involves a specific routine that connects to the Chakras via a series of “links” and these are incorporated into a thorough massage routine. It is particularly effective when working with clients who are experiencing a time of change or transition in their lives. The practitioner will then be able to develop, with the client, an appropriate self-help programme which will be especially effective because it is based on the findings of the treatment. Jan’s advice would also include yoga, breathing techniques, affirmations and nutrition. Each student who attends this CPD course will be encouraged to base this self-help profile on their own experience and expertise.

This is the only authorised CPD course in Advanced Precision Reflexology.

Comments from previous students:-

“Jan’s demonstration of the Advanced Precision Reflexology sequence shows the art of reflexology.  I love it!”  Anne 2015

“This course has made me enjoy reflexology again and has opened up my curiosity” Kathy 2014

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