This established continuing professional development course is available to all qualified reflexologists. The course is centred around the “linking” technique which is unique to the School of Precision Reflexology. This technique gives power and precision to all forms of the therapy and it provides a way to connect to the subtle energy of each client.  The tutor is Jan Williamson who trained with Prue Hughes, the founder of the Precision school. Jan and Prue worked together developing the linking technique.


The course content looks at the rationale for Precision work – this system offers an intuitive response to treatment. The location of the “linking” reflexes is taught and students will be shown how to locate these. The basic technique uses a light touch which makes contact with the subtle energy of each client thus providing a powerful treatment without using strong physical pressure. the concept of subtle energy in relation to reflexology will be explored and discussed. A unique approach to Chakra work and the relevance of this to precision reflexology provides a powerful alternative to therapy work. Students will be shown realistic ways in which to make this approach relevant to their clients. Naturopathic principles will be applied in order to increase client confidence and involvement in their own health care.

Please note that this is the only authorised CPD course in Precision Reflexology.

There are four tuition days, in blocks of two days each. The venue is The Edgemoor Hotel in Bovey Tracey in Devon. The tutor is Jan Williamson.  For details of dates and cost please contact Jan.


Comments from previous students:_

“I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the course, Precision Reflexology has literally transformed the way I work overnight. Both of Jan’s venues were fabulous and the food at Stickwick was simply divine and must not be missed. In my opinion with regards to Precision Reflexology or any of the other subjects that she teaches, if Jan doesn’t know about it, it’s probably not worth knowing. One of the best afternoons I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing was giving and receiving reflexology in the grounds of the Edgemoor Hotel and certainly one I’ll never forget. This is one of the best courses I have been on in terms of knowledge gained, value for money and not least for the overall experience that Jan provides and I am looking forward to Advanced Precision soon”        Marie.  June 2016

“I loved the first part of the course, but I loved the second part even more!  My treatments flow better and doing the massage rather than finger walking just works for me!  Having only just qualified , I wasn’t sure if I would get the best out of this course. Boy was I wrong, it changed the way I think and how I give my treatments. I was lucky enough at the end of the fourth day to receive a treatment from Jan and I could feel my wrist release as she did the linking on the arm reflexes (I was having problems with my lower arm). Then I gave Jan a treatment which was pretty scary but she was so lovely and it has given me so much more confidence in giving treatments with linking and her style of treatments”       Vanessa. 2015.

“I have just completed the second part of Jan’s Precision Reflexology course and have thoroughly enjoyed all four days. Jan is a very knowledgeable tutor and takes the time to ensure her students come away with a thorough understanding of the techniques learnt. My reflexology treatments now have an added dimension and the feedback from my clients has been very positive”   Jean.  2016.

“Jan’s Precision reflexology course was one of the most relaxed and enjoyable CPD courses I’ve done, yet also one of the most effective for my clients. Many have already commented on being able to go into relaxation much quicker and deeper than usual. The course has also reinvigorated my reflexology routine and given me inspiration and confidence for treating specific conditions with greater focus. I would thoroughly recommend this course to all reflexologists”   Kate. 2016.

“Although I have long understood that there is a strong link between the emotions and the physical body, I have never before had it explained with such clarity. Suddenly, so many pieces fell into a clear and understandable place. I cannot wait for the second half of the course, where our understanding of these subtle energies will be expanded further”  Jacquie. 2016.

For further details and dates please contact Jan.

Relevant reading – A  Complete Guide to Precision Reflexology by Jan Williamson.